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Anyone can create a BTC ID, All you need to enter is your Name, email address and a password Goal is to keep it as simplified as possible.

On the device you last registered to your account, click the Forgot Password Button on the Log In page. Another PIN will be sent to your phone via SMS. Enter the PIN to continue.You will get a password change confirmation.


No, there is nothing wrong with your account. The channel that are you are trying to view is one where BTC does not have rights to broadcast. As more rights agreements with content providers become finalized, BTC will be making more channels available.

On this screen you will see your bill, when it was due and your Data Usage.Click the “Hamburger Button” to see your Navigation Menu which lets you drill down into your balance, pay your bill and reach out to Customer SupportThe Navigation Menu also lets you select which number to view.

Once a BTC prepaid subscriber approaches a balance of $12.00 or less, BTC Lend will analyze their creditworthiness. If the prepaid BTC is deemed worthy, BTC Lend invites the prepaid to access the service through the USSD menu by dialing *536#. When the BTC Lend loan is awarded, the prepaid subscriber will receive a confirmation of their new balance and the re-payment date. If the request has been turned down, BTC prepaid subscriber will be informed that they are currently not eligible now. The prepaid subscriber's loan will go into their current balance, though an adjustment; while in parallel his loan account will be adjusted negatively for the same value.


Notification or Welcome emails are normally instantaneous, however, depending on your email service this could take anywhere from 30 seconds to 15 minutes.Note: be sure to check your junk folder for an email entitled BTC ToGo Registration in case the email was filtered improperly.If you still have not received the Welcome email, delete the sub profile and start again. Be sure you have entered a valid email address.

Yes, a BTC prepaid subscriber receives a BTC Lend request while roaming and applying for a loan.

My UsageClicking the “My Usage” entry on the Navigation Menu will take you to a screen showing up to the last 30 days of usage on your account.You can filter and order this information with the Filter button.Note: This information is “static” and is not derived from your account.

No, non-BTC prepaid customers are unable to request a loan.

If are trying to associate a TV or Broadband account, you must answer the security question that it your last bill amount. You have to include up to two decimal places.

You would have to login once the app is closed or if you do nothing in the app for ten minutes.

Yes, customers can only record TV programs or series that are part of their subscription service and it can be watched on the devices depending if there are content rights for this device.


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