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Press the TV button.

To adjust the volume press the +VOL- button

Press the +CH- button

Use the number buttons to enter a particular channel number

Power: Turns set top box off and on.
TV: Turns your TV off and on.
Yellow: Move forward to view future menu content
Green: Go back to live showing
Red: Move backward to go to original menu content
Blue: Program info
Guide: Displays the TV program guide and sets a selected program to be recorded
PVR: Displays the PVR menu
VOD: Displays Video on Demand menu
Apps: Displays the Apps menu
Fav: Takes you to your stored favorites menu
Info: Displays channel and program information on the screen
Arrows (Up/Down/Left/Right): Move the cursor up, down, left or right to browse the interface
OK: Select a menu or confirm selection.
Exit: Close a menu or go to the previous menu
Opt: Displays more options when applicable
Mute: Mutes audio output of the set top box
Rec: Start recording a program
Last: Takes you back to the last channel
VOL +/-: Controls your volume
F: Displays content menu
CH +/-: Switch channels up or down
DAY-: Go back one day
DAY+: Go forward one day
PG+: Move up a page on the menu and TV/music list
PG-: Move down a page on the menu and TV/music list
Rewind: Rewind a program
Stop: Stop a recording or playback.
Fast Forward: Fast forwards a program
Play/Pause: Controls play and pause settings
Number pad: Enter channel numbers
Lang: Select among available languages
Vout: Select among video output options


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