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Local Number Portability (LNP) or Porting is the process of moving your number from one service provider to another.

Visit one of our Retail Stores or any of our authorized Franchise Stores to get started.

Proof of identity, either a valid Passport or Driver's License and your National Insurance Card.

Please allow a 30 minute turnaround for Prepaid or 2 hours for Postpaid MNP providing there are no irregularities. For Local Number Portability, please allow up to 5 days for any service installations to be completed as a part of this exercise. Finally to port out Prepaid or Postpaid LNP, please allow up to 2 hours for completion or up to 2 days for Prepaid port out in the event of irregularities.

Porting to BTC is free.:) We do not charge you to port your number to us. If you are a postpaid mobile or a landline customer, please ensure that you settle all outstanding charges with your current service before you begin the switch to BTC

In the case of mobile ports, you are required to provide your mobile device while submitting your posting request. During this time you will be asked to text the word "PORT" to 123 4567. The text must be sent from the number you intend to port. In case of landline (fixed) ports you will receive an email asking you to make a call to a special porting number. This call must be made from the number you intend to port.

Yes indeed, the consumer has a 14 day window to return if they are not pleased with the sevice of competitor. Once the cool off period has expired the consumer has a 90 day window for wireline and 60 days for mobile service.


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