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You can monitor data from your mobile device by following the below steps:

Android Device

Step 1: Settings

Step 2: Network & Internet or Connections

Step 3: Data usage

Step 4: Billing cycle: change billing cycle to the date the customer's bill would come out each month

Step 5: Press set or okay

Step 6: Select ‘mobile data usage’ within the Data usage screen

Step 7: Ensure mobile data usage has the correct date that was set prior

Please Note - Within ‘mobile data usage’ it should give the amount of data used for that period and for some android phones it should show exactly what apps the data was used on.

iPhone Device

Step 1: settings

Step 2: cellular/mobile data

Step 3: Scroll all the way down to ‘Reset statistics’ *the date that it was last reset on gives you all the data usage from that point

Please Note - For iPhone, you'll need to reset your usage statistics regularly to get a more accurate picture of your data use. Customers should reset it each time their bill comes out monthly

You can upgrade your plan at any time during you bill cycle by simply calling 225-5282 to find the plan that best fits your data needs.

On the first month’s bill, if you upgrade your package before your monthly bill cycle starts, you will be billed for the period between your package upgrade and you also will be billed for your next month’s rental amount.

Proration means that you are paying a portion of the monthly plan that you used before your first month’s bill is generated.  Your first month’s bill will likely be MORE THAN your rental fee (Plan) because you will be paying the prorated amount of your plan that was used PLUS your next month in advance. This is the only time you should see a prorated bill. After the first bill, you will only pay your rental plus overage and long-distance/roaming charges.


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