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A customer can call BTC's customer service (242-225-5282) or complete an online form and once validated a representative will activate the calling plan.


BTC Residential customers pay $15.00 (VAT excluded) for the basic landline services.* * An equipment charge of $1.25 may be applied to the monthly rental upon request.


You have to be a BTC customer subscribed to our basic landline service, in order to be eligible. Cable Bahamas Ltd. customers wishing to switch to BTC, can: i. Apply for BTC’s landline service ii. Keep your Cable Bahamas Ltd. line until your BTC landline is installed iii. Once your BTC landline is installed & operational, cancel your Cable Bahamas Ltd. subscription.

The select destinations include: USA, Canada, UK and the Bahamas (landline and mobile)


Evenings: 7:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. Weekend: Friday 7:00 p.m. to Monday 7:00 a.m


If you are an existing BTC landline customer you will not have to. We are simply upgrading your existing service. If this is a brand new customer (never had a BTC landline) we will waiver the installation fee.

When upgrading to one of our packages you will not be taking your existing features with you. The new packages (Unlimited Nights & Weekends and the Unlimited Anytime Package) allow you to choose 2 features at no cost. If you would like additional features, you may purchase them at the advertised rate.o a broadband internet connection.

No. Existing BTC landline rental customers, can maintain their services without switching to the packages

Customers switching from Cable Bahamas (REVOICE) also receive free activation, sign-up for your BTC landline.Once you are an existing BTC landline customer, activation to the HomePhone Plus package is Free, sign-up.


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