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The cost of the bundle is $99.99 + VAT + a choice of the Plus 1 or Plus 2 Mobile Family Plan

The cost of the new bundle is $139.99 + VAT + a choice of the Plus 1 or Plus 2 Mobile Family Plan

Once you combine you Broadband plan and your postpaid plan you will receive 50% off on your home service plan for 3 months and free devices for your mobile service

Yes, new customer sign-ups will be required to pay a deposit.

You can add either one of our Family Plans that includes 2 lines or 4 lines to create your Plus Bundle and receive access to 50% off your home service for 3 months

Of course, you can. Once you have an applicable BTC Plus plan you can add up 4 family members to benefit from 50% discount off your home service plan

You will be billed for your home services and your mobile services separately but you will receive one bill.

No, your existing plan will be pro-rated up to the start date of the new plan which will also be at a pro-rated amount.

Customers will need to subscribe to the BTC Plus 2 or BTC Plus 4 postpaid Family Plans in order to receive home services at 50% off for 3 months

This plan will be available island-wide; however, we may encounter limitations due to distance related matters that may affect the delivery of the service.


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