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The benefit is a $20 discount when a customer bundles any eligible broadband internet with a postpaid plan

Visit any of our BTC stores with a valid id to signup

A customer can be eligible by having existing/new broadband internet along with adding a postpaid plan

  • 30 mbps
  • 100 mbps
  • 150 mbps
  • 300 mbps
  • 600 mbps

Yes, a security is required($150)

No, you will receive one bill detailing all services you have

Bill payments can be done at any BTC store, online via, MYBTC app by calling 225-5282

No, family plans are not included in the FMC offer as they are already discounted

If you cancel the broadband internet , you will lose the $20 discount for the postpaid plan.(retention team)

If you cancel the postpaid plan , you will lose the $20 discount for the postpaid plan​.(retention team)

If you cancel your tv/fix line service, you can keep your $20 discount which is bundle by broadband internet and a postpaid plan. (retention team)


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