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When you use more than the data included in your plan, you will be charged a fee for the data you use. BTC will charge you an attractive rate of $0.005 per MB that you use above your data allowance. The amount will be identified on your bill as a data charge.

BTC is committed to making your data experience more reliable and affordable. We will notify you via text message of your data usage so that you can monitor your data usage and avoid overage charges.

If you do end up using all your in-plan data allowance and go into overage, you will only be charged $.005 per MB used. This rotation will continue until your next bill cycle begins at which point you will receive a fresh allotment of data.

Data overage billing will start on August 8th, 2021.

All Postpaid Plans (Single SIM and Family Plans are subject to data overage charges per their in-plan allowance or AUP (Acceptable Usage Policy).

Once you have used all your in-plan data allowance and go into overage, you will be charged $.005 per MB used. This rotation will continue until the end of your bill cycle.

BTC appreciates your business, and we want to help you to better manage your data plan. We are improving our data experience by reducing our data overage rate and providing data overage notifications for you to better monitor your data usage.

Once the customer utilizes 100% of their in-plan data, they will be charged $.005 per MB until their next bill cycle. As a customer you can contact the Call Center at 225-5282 to upgrade your plan at any point during the month.

Yes, you will, please see below:

Customers will receive in-plan usage notification at 75%, 95% and 100% of the maximum data allowance that related to the subscription that you have.

Customers will receive data overage notifications at every 1GB usage up to 20GB of usage. If customers change their plan in the middle of their billing cycle, the data notifications will not reflect the true data usage until the new billing cycle begins.

If you have a $79.99 Postpaid plan or higher, your roaming voice and data usage in the US, Canada, or Flow Markets only, will be deducted from your in-plan voice and data allowance.

If you exceed your in-plan voice or data allowance, any usage outside of the Bahamas will be subject to roaming overage rates. (See website for roaming rates)

If you have a $64.99 postpaid plan or lower, usage outside Bahamas is not part of your data allowance and the applicable rates applies. See our website for more information and details on Roaming

  • Know your data plan and allowances
  • Monitor your data usage via BTC’s data usage notifications
  • Use Wi-Fi, when possible, to reduce data usage
  • Upgrade your plan to match your current data usage habits ​
    • BTC has many plan upgrade options for you. Contact 225-5282 or WhatsApp 424 SHOP (7467) to find the plan that best fits your data needs

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