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Make the Switch

HomePhone Plus and Hi-Speed Internet are better together!

Make the switch and save! If you’re an existing CBL customer and you sign up for BTC’s Home Phone Plus and Hi-Speed Internet today, you’ll save up to $540 per year. That’s a 30% lower bill for better speeds, better international and domestic packages at a better price!

SPECIAL OFFER: Hi-Speed Internet for ONLY $9.99 a month! Sign-up Today & Save

Customers have a choice of mixing our various HomePhone Plus and Hi-Speed Internet options.

Reasons to Make The Switch:

  • Dedicated connection (not shared like the other guys)
  • Easy Self-installation
  • Free email address powered by Google with UNLIMITED space
  • Wireless Router (WiFi services, Parental Control, Website Blocking)
  • Cheaper price for high speeds!

Visit ANY BTC store or sign-up online and make the switch TODAY.

Need Help?

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