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Updating your Mobile Phone

Making sure that your phone is up-to-date is something that should resonate somewhere in the back of your mind. Now that you've backed up your information, using the methods of some previous posts, it's time to make sure you're up to date.

Then again, why do I need to update? Is it important? Can't I just leave it alone?

Well, no one's going to condemn you if you don't, with exception to your nearest techie, but you may want to do it to make sure that your phone is safe. Updates generally bring new features to devices, however they also bring along fixes or ""patches"" to certain problems that the previous software had. Sometimes these are needed, and sometimes you can skate under the radar. Overall though, take the time to update. It generally doesn't take long, and may save you a few hundred later on.
How do I update my phone?

Well, that depends on the phone that you're using. I'm going to show you how to update using the three most popular systems here in the Bahamas.

BlackBerry (PreBB 10)

Updating over WiFi

Admit it, you don't like to plug your phone in sometimes. I'm guilty of this as well. Well, for people who prefer to cut the cord as much as possible, updating your device is perfect for you.

Updating via computer

For this one, it's simple as well. To start it off, make sure you've downloaded and installed BlackBerry Desktop Manager. Once it's installed, simply plug in your BlackBerry to your computer using USB and open up BlackBerry Desktop Manager.

If it doesn't automatically perform a check to see if an update is needed, follow the below steps.


Updating over WiFi

Like BlackBerry, Android also comes with over the air (OTA) updates. Again, I suggest using WiFi as one update is generally over 100 MB in size, let alone if you have a few.

Updating via computer (Not all have this feature)

This part depends on the type of phone you have. For example, Samsung uses KIES, LG uses their Mobile Phone Support tool, HTC uses HTC Sync Manager, etc. All said and done though, find the one that matches your phone and install it. For this demonstration, however, we're going to be talking about Samsung KIES. The instructions should be similar on the others.


Updating over WiFi

This is a fairly new feature to the iOS line, first starting with iOS 5 and the iPhone 4S. Of course this has also moved on to iOS 6 and the iPhone 5.

Updating via computer

The original way of updating an iPhone would be installing iTunes on your computer, and then plugging in your iPhone. The system is generally automatic, but if not, let's go into what happens.


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