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Postpaid Tips & Tricks

Here are a few very important tips that you must be aware of as a BTC postpaid customer. We ask that you take a few moments to read though the below carefully. If you have any questions on these or any other elements of your postpaid service, you are free to contact us at any time via our website (Romaing) email ( Toll free number (1-242-225-5282) or (1-855-337-0603) when roaming in the USA.


My Monthly Rental” Unless you are on the postpaid “Pay as you go” plan, you would have signed for one of our postpaid plans. On your bill, you will see your plan described as your monthly “Rental” fee. This plan or Rental fee comes with a select number of “Anywhere” in-plan minutes, data and text messages depending on the plan you selected. You can use these minutes, data and text messages to contact any other BTC (Landline or Mobile) customer anywhere in the country (Bahamas). You can also use them to contact any other service provider customer within the country.

If you call a Bahamian landline that is not on the island for which you have registered your service, theses calls will be charged as long distance. The airtime charge will be deducted from your plan and the toll charges will appear as an additional charge on your monthly bill. For any international long distance calls the same apply.

Understanding the difference between On –Net and Off-Net: On-Net calls are calls made from BTC mobile customer to another BTC mobile customer. Off-Net calls are calls made from BTC mobile or landline customer to another carrier network that is not own by BTC.

Understanding Anywhere Minutes: Anywhere minutes represent the amount of included voice minutes for each billing period cycle which can be used 24hrs a day to make calls to a BTC customer or another Carrier network that is not own by BTC.

Understanding Bonus Minutes: Bonus minutes are minutes that can only be used locally to make calls to a BTC MOBILE customer.

BONUS MINUTES: Depending on the plan, after you have used up all of your anywhere minutes you will move on to your bonus On-Net only minutes which will allow you to make calls to another BTC mobile customer. If you make an Off –Net call you will be charged overage rates until your next monthly bill cycle. Overage rates will depend on the plan you selected.

Voice Overage: Overage is charged once you have exceeded all of the minutes in your plan.

DATA: Once you have used up the available data volume in your plan, you can activate a standalone data plan.

DATA OVERAGE: Charges for data overage are charged based on the plan you selected. Data overage usage will be capped at 3GB per. If you exhaust the 3GB cap before your next billing cycle, your data will be turned off until your next month begins.

TEXT MESSAGE: The amount of Text Message in your postpaid bundled plan depends on the amount of voice minutes in your plan. If you receive 120 minutes for voice you will receive 120 equal text messages in that plan.
TEXT STANDALONE: Once you have consumed your entire free text messages you can purchase one of our text message packages.

TEXT OVERAGE: Once you have used up the entire text message within you plan you can continue texting and you will be charged overage. Overage rates are based on the plan you selected.

Understanding my first month’s bill:
It is IMPORTANT to note that your postpaid plan (rental) is billed one month in advance. That means that each month you pay before you use the plan. This is important to understand especially when you receive your first month’s bill. In the first months if you sign up for a package before your monthly bill cycle starts, you will be billed for the time period between your sign up-date and you billed date, as well as your next month’s rental amount – which, as mentioned is billed in advance. In financial terms, this is called a “prorating’ of your bill and it means that you are paying for that portion of the monthly plan that you used before your first month’s bill is generated.

However, this prorating also means that your first month’s bill will likely be MORE THAN your rental fee (Plan) because you will be paying the prorated amount of your plan that was used PLUS your next month in advance . This is the only time you should see a prorated bill. After the first bill, you will only pay your rental plus overage and long distance / roaming charges.

I now have a credit limit and billing due date: Each postpaid subscriber is given a ‘Credit Limit” by BTC when they sign up for the postpaid service. This credit limit is placed on your account both to protect yourself and protect BTC. The company reserves the right to suspend your service once your established credit limit is reach. You will receive text messages from BTC as you approach or when you have arrived at your credit limit. Whenever you receive such a text message, make a payment promptly or contact BTC if you have questions related to the notification.

Billing due date: Even with the Credit Limit, your bills are due in FULL 30 days after your bills are run whether you are at your credit limit or not. If ANY portion of your bill remains unpaid after that 30 days, your account may be suspended without notice.

You are free to contact the BTC Credit & Collections team to adjust your credit limit.

The decision by BTC to make an adjustment will be based upon your credit history with the company and other considerations unique to each individual case. Remember that payment in FULL is due 30 days after your billing date (not the date you receive your bill). Your account will be suspended if it is not paid in full within this time period or when you have exceeded your credit limit.

We do NOT however wish to suspend any of our customers’ accounts. We ask you therefore to contact us right away if and when you have a query or concern related to your account so that we can address the matter quickly and ensure that you continue to have uninterrupted service.

“I am able to use my BTC postpaid phone in hundreds of exciting locales all around the world.”

As a BTC postpaid customer, you are able to ‘roam’ on your BTC device literally all over the world. BTC has cellular roaming agreements with hundreds of carriers for both voice and data (internet).

HOWEVER, we caution that the roaming service is a premium service and we encourage customers to exercise great care and discretion when using their devices overseas so as to avoid an unmanageable phone bill when they return.

In the United States, Canada and the Caribbean territories, we suggest that customers make use of the AT&T, Lime and Rogers’s network where rates are fairly low. For more details on carriers visit our Roaming page.

International Long Distance & Roaming are not included in the monthly rental.

You would note that international long distance, international texting and roaming are not included in your monthly rental (plan). They are billed separately, but will appear on your monthly statement and are due at the end of the billing cycle.

Understanding Roll Over minutes and how it work: Rollover minutes can only be used On-Net for BTC MOBILE to BTC MOBILE. Roll over minutes are kept for 30 days. Rollover minutes are only accumulated after you have used up all of the minutes in your plan and your bonus minutes. If you do not use up all of your plan and bonus minutes they will become rollover minutes for the next 30 days and can only be used On-Net mobile to mobile.

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