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New Postpaid plans - benefits explained

Your postpaid plans are about to become a lot more exciting – with loads of value being added to all customers who have a postpaid plan with BTC.

Your postpaid plans are becoming a lot more exciting – with loads of value being added to all customers who have a postpaid plan with BTC.

We have A LOT of important information to share and we want you to read it all. But the table below summarizes the key benefits that will be available for new and existing postpaid customers, December 2nd, 2013.

Summary of Benefits New Post Paid Benefits here.

*4G LTE availability expected in New Providence in late 2013 and in select other islands throughout 2014. Will not be available in all islands and communities in the near term. 4G LTE will be available for iPhones soon.

All of the details are below. In line with our promise, the changes we are making will create a much better experience for all of our Postpaid customers.

The SIX MOST important things to know:

Formal Notice of Change in Plans
This letter serves as notice of the changes we are making to your postpaid plans, consistent with our regulatory requirements. These changes take effect January 6th, 2014. You may – without any penalty to you – cancel any postpaid contract that you have with BTC, provided that your bill is paid in full and that you pay in full for any handset that may still be under contract. (Your payment owed would be the difference between what you paid for the device, and the current sale price or the full price at the time of your contract signing, whichever is the lower.)

Introduction of Roll-Over Minutes
So you didn’t use all your minutes in your package? Relax. No problem. BTC is introducing roll over minutes!! That means that if you did not use your minutes in a given month, the unused portion of those minutes “roll-over” into the next month and are valid for one full month. The roll over minutes can be used to call any other BTC mobile customers anywhere in The Bahamas. Roll over minutes cannot be used to make calls to or receive calls from other local telecom providers or to make and receive calls from BTC fixed line customers.

More Free Text Messaging!
Even with the advent of Instant Messaging like BBM and Whatsapp, our postpaid customers – not surprisingly – make very good use of the free text messages that come with their packages. So much so that many customers exceed their free allotment every month. So we have added a LOT more Free Text messages into every package. So now you will get just as many free texts as you have total minutes in your package, except for our top package which gets Unlimited texting!

MORE Talk time! 
Our top 3 packages now include FREE BTC Bonus Minutes. For these packages, that means that in addition to the “Anywhere” Minutes that you have now that can be used to call any local number within the country, you now have additional “BTC Bonus” Minutes that allow you to call any BTC mobile subscriber nationwide. You asked for more talk time and you got it!

Mobile data now INCLUDED in select packages!
Again, for our top 3 packages, we are bundling in mobile data so that you do not have to purchase your data separately going forward. So for as little as $59.99 a month, you can get a super voice plan with 600 total minutes and 1 GB of data, where you only got 450 minutes before and no data. For $99.99, you get 1000 minutes and 3 GB of data, where you only got 800 minutes before. YOU now can decide whether to drop your existing data plan, or instead keep your stand-alone data plan to get even MORE data on top of what will be bundled in your plan.

Introducing Data Overages
To help manage the data experience for all customers, we are changing the way in which data plans are constructed. Presently, when our customers hit their data ceiling, they are throttled down to slower speeds. The text notifications that were to accompany this “slow down” did not always work, leaving you as a customer frustrated not knowing why your data was going slow. We are changing this as moving away from throttling. Moving forward, once you have hit your package limit, you will be charged overage (see chart below) on a per KB basis – minimum $0.01 intervals. To avoid massive bills due to large inadvertent use, we are capping the overage at 3 GB per month.

We also hope to implement text notifications when you reach your data usage limits. HOWEVER, whether you receive the notifications or not, your data overage charges will be payable up to the 3 GB per month limit. At the outset, it will be important that you both ensure that you get the package that best suits your usage and that you make use of the feature in most smart phones that allow you to track your data usage as often as you like.

Introducing On Net/Off Net Rates
The “Out of Plan” voice rate structure is changing. Instead of a time based on peak/off peak rate, there is now an On-Net rate for calls to other BTC Mobile numbers and an Off-Net rate for calls to accounts of other local telecommunications providers and BTC Fixed Line customers.

Getting these new plans: What do I do?

The new plans will be made available on December 2nd, 2013 for brand new and existing postpaid customers. Existing customers, there is no need for you to come into the store to change your plan. Existing customers will automatically receive the new benefits for their respective plans.

The introduction of on net/off net rates and data overages, however, will become effective January 6th, 2014.

BUT, take a full look at the details of the new plan. Now is a great time to decide which of the new plans provide the best value for you. Those of you presently on the top three plans may no longer need a separate data plan and you can now eliminate these data plans and save yourself money.

Many of our customers though consistently go over their plan limits almost every month. For you, now is the perfect time to upgrade your plan right away to one of the new plans to get more talk, more text AND your data included. And of course, on the occasions you do not use up all of your allocated minutes, they will be rolled over to the next month.


Old Plans vs. “New” Plans

*When Data Plan Limits are reached, customers will be charged overage rates on a per Kilobyte basis (minimum of $0.01 charge) at a rate of $20/GB, $15/GB and $10/GB for the $59.99, $99.99, and $139.99 plans respectively.

Key Changes with New Plans:

  • Unused minutes will be rolled over into the next month and can be used to make and receive calls to and from BTC mobile numbers nationwide.
  • The “Out of Plan” voice rate structure is changing. Instead of a time based on peak/off peak rate, there is now an On-Net rate for calls to other BTC numbers and an Off-Net rate for calls to accounts of other local telecommunications providers and BTC fixed line customers
  • The BTC Bonus Minutes are available for use each month once the Anywhere Minutes have been used fully. Anywhere minutes are used to make calls and receive calls to and from any local Bahamian number. BTC Bonus Minutes can be used to make to other BTC mobile numbers only.
  • The three top packages now include data plans as part of the bundles. Customers with data plans are encouraged to look at their voice and data usage and place themselves in the plans that best match their usage patterns.

Stand Alone Data Plans 
We have made changes to the stand alone data plans – adding new plans to provide customers with more choices. Remember that if you are on a plan or upgrading to a plan that will now include data, you may not need a separate data plan.

If your plan does not include data, or you feel that you may need more data than your new plan allows, do keep your plan or choose another more appropriate one.

As mentioned above (see ‘Introducing Data Overages’ section), all new data plans now include overage charges. This replaces the “throttle down” structure in place presently. The fee schedule is below and all overage is capped at 3 GB per month.

LTE is Here!!

Our 4G LTE network was rolled out in New Providence in Spring 2014, and in Grand Bahama and select Family Islands in early 2014. To access the LTE network get LTE speeds, you will need to select a designated LTE package (3 GB or more) or one of the two top in-bundle voice and data plans ($99.99 or $139.99).

You will also require an LTE capable device and a new LTE capable SIM chip from BTC. We strongly recommend that you purchase your LTE device from a BTC store so as to ensure you have a device that matches our LTE frequencies and bands and that has been tested for our network. Please note that 4G LTE will not be available for iPhones at this time.

We realize that this is a lot of information to digest! But this is exciting news for you our postpaid customers as your packages have just become so much better.

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