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I can no longer use all my services with my mobile

I can no longer use all my services with my mobile and need to replace my SIM card

When and Why do I need to replace a SIM card?

  • After upgrading to a different mobile device which requires a different SIM card size or technology
  • After a SIM card exhaustion which happens when the SIM card is more than 2 years old and cannot connect to the network
  • If the SIM card is damaged, lost or stolen
  • After switching provider

You can visit any BTC shop to get assistance and have your SIM card replaced. After successful confirmation of your identity, the shop agent will issue you with a new SIM card and take the necessary steps to activate it for you. It can take up to 2 hours for your new SIM card to activate after a replacement.

Please note that the SIM card replacement is free of charge if you are a postpaid customer and cost $10.00 if you are a prepaid customer.

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