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Are there any other implications?

Below are a list of implications due to moving your number to a different provider.

  1. You will lose your old voicemail including messages and ancillary services and you will need to set these up again with your new service provider.
  2. Your friends and family may be charged differently when calling you after porting. Additional information on applicable rates may be obtained from your new service provider.
  3. You will be restricted from porting your number to a third service provider or back to your original service provider within 60 days of a previous port.
  4. If your new service provider fails to meet promised quality of service, then you can reverse the porting within 14 days of your porting request.
  5. While all service providers will exercise reasonable skill and care in discharging their obligations under LNP, no compensation will be provided for loss of any kind through delay, disruption or lack of service resulting from the porting process.
  6. Through the porting process you will be able to choose to move either just your fixed voice service or all of your fixed services from your old service provider to your new service provider, subject to fixed service availability. 
  7. You can only port your fixed voice service within the same island and not to another island within The Bahamas.
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