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CWC unveils ‘JUMP’ at CANTO


Miami, FLORIDA (July 19th, 2022) -- C&W Communications has unveiled its strategy to help bridge the digital divide across the Caribbean.

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C&W Communications headlines CANTO 2022 Conference


Miami, FLORIDA (July 8th, 2022) -- The future of Caribbean connectivity will be in sharp focus at CANTO’s 37th Annual Conference & Trade Exhibition in Miami from July 17 to 20.

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 BTC_presents_donation_to_Gentlemen_ Club

BTC Donates to the Gentlemen’s Club Scholarship Fund


Nassau, The Bahamas, June 20, 2022: Twenty-six promising young men will complete the Gentlemen’s Club program this month, and BTC has donated to five major scholarships that the program will

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BTC Fiber Rollout Continues


Nassau, The Bahamas, June 21, 2022:The transformation of BTC’s fixed network continues in New Providence and Grand Bahama.

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Long island

BTC supports Long Island Regatta


Nassau, The Bahamas, June 9, 2022:BTC is excited about the return of many cultural events including last week’s Long Island Regatta and Cat Island Rake and Scrape Festival.

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Cancer socity

BTC serves as a platinum sponsor at the Cancer Society Ball


Nassau, The Bahamas, June 8, 2022: BTC’s corporate philanthropy has been extended to many non-profit organizations over the years, most recently the Bahamas Cancer Society, who celebrated it

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