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Top Up with BTC Lend anytime, anywhere

Are you a prepaid customer? Are you low on credit? Borrow credit from us and pay us later! With BTC Lend you can get credit for calls, data and SMS. Repay your loan and earn points to unlock new levels

Available Credit


Everyone can get this


Bronze, Silver, Gold &
Diamond Members


Silver, Gold &
Diamond Members


Gold & Diamond



Loan payments are due within 30 days.
Available to BTC Prepaid customers only.

How to Top Up with BTC Lend?

Top up your phone instantly with loans from BTC Lend! Paying back is easy - just add credit to your phone.


Dial *536#


Select Top Up Loan Amount


Confirm Top Up Loan





Top Up Loan

Top Up Loan



Earn points with BTC Lend

  • Pay before 15 days and receive 5 points.
  • Pay between 16-30 days and receive 0 points.
  • Pay after 30 days and lose 5 points.
  • View your points and level by dialing *536# and select option “6. My Points” OR visit
Beginner0 - 24
Bronze25 - 49
Silver50 - 74
Gold75 - 99

Frequently Asked Questions

BTC Lend is a service that allows BTC prepaid subscribers to access credit advance (loan) for their account. BTC Lend loans can be used for voice calls, data/Internet and sending SMS.

Once a BTC prepaid subscriber approaches a balance of $12.00 or less, BTC Lend will analyze their creditworthiness. If the prepaid BTC is deemed worthy, BTC Lend invites the prepaid to access the service through the USSD menu by dialing *536#. When the BTC Lend loan is awarded, the prepaid subscriber will receive a confirmation of their new balance and the re-payment date. If the request has been turned down, BTC prepaid subscriber will be informed that they are currently not eligible now. The prepaid subscriber's loan will go into their current balance, though an adjustment; while in parallel his loan account will be adjusted negatively for the same value.

Yes, a BTC prepaid subscriber receives a BTC Lend request while roaming and applying for a loan.

No, non-BTC prepaid customers are unable to request a loan.

No, BTC postpaid subscribers are unable to request a loan.


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