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Flow TV FAQs

1. What is IPTV?

IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) is a new way for BTC to deliver TV services to your home. IPTV allows you, the customer, interact with your TV and order shows and services through your remote control. It lets us, BTC; offer you more variety in your programming because we have access to more Standard Definition (SD) channels, High Definition (HD) channels and Video on Demand (VOD) services. These are all services you can order through your remote.

2. What are the advantages of IPTV?

There are so many advantages of IPTV. Here are just a few:

  • IPTV delivers a clean video signal so you enjoy better picture and sound.
  • You have more control over your TV-watching through an easy-to-use on-screen programming guide that lets you browse listings while you watch a show.
  • We can offer you better variety in programming and more video and audio channels.
  • If you have a high-definition-capable TV (HDTV), you can enjoy HD programming, the highest quality video and audio around.
  • You can watch your favourite shows when it’s convenient for you. Take advantage of the built in cloud recording services to record shows to watch later. You can pause and rewind these shows while you watch.
  • Order shows through your remote control and watch them immediately through Flow TV Video on Demand (VOD) service. You can watch additional channels on demand without paying a monthly subscription or talking to a customer service representative.
  • Customize your own theme packs to enjoy your own personalized programming.

3. Does BTC have any High Definition (HD) channels?

Yes. In fact, we have many HD channels for you to enjoy. Our Basic HD package is a mix of news and entertainment channels, all in HD. Our Flow Your Own HD option lets you build your own HD package by choosing only the channels you want.

4. What type of set top boxes would I need to view High Definition (HD) channels?

BTC STBs come with both Standard and High Definition capabilities. They can be rented for available at $5.38/month VAT included. Some installation charges may apply for STBs.

5. What are Parental Controls?

Parental Controls let you choose which programming can and can’t be watched by younger viewers in your home.You can block certain channels so that they can only be viewed after entering a password of your choice.

6. How do I set my Parental Controls?

You can set your Parental Controls and change your password by following the steps here.

7. How do I set my Parental Controls password?

To set your Parental Controls password, follow the steps below:

  • Press the menu key on your STB or Remote Control and use the CHAN keys to scroll. 
  • ENTER #7 Control Panel
  • ENTER #4 Set Password
  • ENTER # 1Parental Control 
  • Enter your 4 digit password using the numbers 0-9; then press ENTER
  • Enter your 4 digit password again for verification; and press ENTER once more 
Your password is now set

8. How do I set my Parental Controls?

To set your Parental Controls, follow the steps below:

  • Once you have selected your password, you can now place channels under Parental Control.
  • Press the menu key on your STB or Remote Control and use the CHAN keys to scroll
  • ENTER #2 Parental Control 
  • Type in your password; Then press ENTER 
  • ENTER #1 Parental Control Guide 
  • Use the CHAN keys to highlight the channel (s) you want to block 
  • Press SELECT after each channel you choose to block 
  • Repeat this process for as many channels as you would like to place under parental control 
  • Press ENTER 
  • Take off and then put on STB to activate the Parental Control 
You have successfully blocked the channels you want under Parental Control.

9. How do I watch channels blocked by Parental Controls?

To view Parentally Controlled channels, follow these steps:

  • Press the menu key on your STB or Remote Control and use the CHAN keys to scroll
  • ENTER #2 Parental Control 
  • Enter Password 
  • Press CHAN keys to highlight the channel (s) you want to remove from the parental control; press SELECT 
  • Press ENTER 
  • Take off and then put on STB to deactivate Parental Controls
These channels are now free for viewing by all. Don’t forget when you are through viewing to reset the channels you want blocked.

10. How do customers become pre-qualified for BTC’s FLOW TV services?

Pre-qualification is the process which is conducted in your area and on your line. Once you have passed the test and can obtain the technological requirements needed to obtain the service BTC will place you on the pre-qualified listing for FLOW TV services. Once the product is available to your area you will be afforded the opportunity to become a FLOW TV subscriber. (Customer must be able to achieve 10 megs or more experience BTC Wi-Fi and FLOW TV services. Customers whom are in AFC areas will not be able to obtain optimal services for FLOW TV)

11. What if the customer is not qualified for FLOW TV?

If the customer is not qualified to be an FLOW TV customer; the customer service representative should collect the customer’s information on the form circulated which indicates “Interested FLOW TV Subscribers” and record their name, number, home number, cell number and address. The technical and marketing team will record the customer and get back to them once their area has been qualified to achieve the required speeds for FLOW TV. (Form will be circulated by marketing; Marketing will also use this form to choose Beta Testers)

12. Can a customer use FLOW TV with another modem?

No. Only the assigned BTC "Smart RG modem powered by Clear access" can be used with the TV service.

13. If the customer ADSL is not working will the FLOW TV work?

If your ADSL service is down, your TV service will be out of service as well. We will work diligently to restore both services once you report a fault with your services.

14. What equipment does the customer need to experience High-Definition with TV?

The set to boxes (STBs) provided by BTC to obtain FLOW TV are capable of SD (standard definition) and HD (high definition). Once you have a HDMI cable you will be able to experience High Definition.

15. What requirements are needed for the customer to obtain FLOW TV?

  • Customer must be an active DSL customer or apply for DSL services
  • Customer must be pre-qualified before they are told they will be able to obtain the services
  • Pricing and Packaging cannot be disclosed to the customer until the commercial launch of the respective island the customer resides.

16. Can the customer control other equipment with the FLOW TV remote?

Yes. The TV remote control is a multi-device, universal remote control, which allows you to control the STB box, the TV, and one other piece of equipment in your home.

The additional piece of equipment could be a DVD player, home theater receiver, or VCR. Instructions for programming your remote control for these approved devices are included in the box.

17. What if the customer BTC Broadband service is under a different account holder? e.g. account is under my landlords name.

BTC will satisfy any service request if a supporting letter of approval is provided by the account holder.

Cloud Recording

18. What is Cloud Video Recording?

Cloud Video Recording is an advanced service designed to enhance a customer’s television experience by enabling the recording and playback of television programs using cloud based technology, enabled through an advanced Set Top Box (STB).

19. What programs can I record with my Cloud Video Recording service?

You may record all TV programs or series that are included as part of your subscription service with the exception of:

  • BTC TV Channel
  • VOD Barker
  • VOD

20. Can I record movies or events that I have purchased through BTC’s Video on Demand or Pay-Per-View services?

No, you can only record TV programs or series that are included as part of your subscription service. VOD is a pay-per-use services and BTC cannot facilitate the recording of these programs.

21. How many programs can I record at the one time?

You can record as many programs as you want, once you have the available storage quota to do so.

22. What is a Storage Quota?

Storage quota is the number of hours of recording hours that included as part of your subscription package.

23. How many hours of storage do I have as part of my subscription package?

As part of your subscription package you have been assigned with a predetermined number of hours of storage quota as seen below.

Starter Basic Extended Extended + All In One
5 hours 10 hours 15 hours 15 hours 15 hours

24. How do I know how much storage I have left?

Your available storage quota in displayed in the Recording Library of the Cloud Video Recording menu. To access the Recording Library, press the PVR button or press the Menu button and use the left or right arrows to select to the Recording Library.

25. How do I know how much storage I have left?

If you reach your storage limit, you will not be able to record any TV programs or series. You would be required to delete programs previously recorded to make space available.

26. How do I purchase additional storage space?

There are several packages available to upgrade storage quota. Please refer to or a BTC Customer Service Representative at 225-5282 (CALL - BTC) who will outline the available storage options.

27. If I downgrade my storage quota will I still be able to view my previously recorded programs.

Yes, you will be able to review your previously recorded programs. However, you will NOT be able to record any new programs until you have deleted unwanted programs and made space available for further recording. Please refer to the Cloud Video Recording User Guide for advice on Storage Quota Management.

28. I have multiple Set Top Boxes (STB) in my home, do I have storage quota on each box?

BTC’s Cloud Video Recording service is network-based and the storage quota is assigned to the customer’s account and not to the STB. The amount of STBs in the home will not determine the storage quota.

29. If I have multiple STBs and I record a program would I be able to view it from the other STBs?

Yes, you would be able to view content on other STBs on your account as all content is stored virtually.

30. If my STB is turned off or gets damaged will I lose my program recordings?

No, you will not lose your recordings as all content is stored virtually.

31. My account has been suspended or I have moved to another location, will I lose all my recorded programs?

No, if your account has been suspended or you have moved to another location, your recorded programs will remain in storage. However, if your account is deactivated, you will lose your recorded programs.

32. Can I store recorded programs on an external storage device?

No, you cannot store recorded programs on an external device.

33. Is Cloud Video Recording available to business customers?

No, BTC Flow TV is available to residential video customers only.

34. Who do I contact if I have additional queries or require assistance with my Personal Video Recording service?

You can contact BTC Customer Care Representatives at 225-5282 (CALL - BTC) or email or visit

Video On Demand

35. What is Video-On-Demand (VOD)?

BTC Flow TV VOD is an advanced service designed to enhance your television experience by enabling you to select and watch video content of your choice on your TV. With VOD, you have all the functionality as a traditional DVD or VCR player when viewing movies from the VOD library; namely, Fast Forward, Rewind and Pause.

There are 3 VOD options currently available:

  • Transactional Video-on-Demand (TVOD) – TVOD content is at a fixed price per movie/show and is purchased on a transactional basis i.e. you are charged only for the content that you select to view.
  • Subscription Video-on-Demand - Packages which are available to customers who subscribe for specific optional packages such as HBO on Demand or MovieCity on Demand.
  • Free Video-On-Demand (FVOD) – FVOD programming is available at no cost and can be viewed as many times that the customer desires. For example: (enter example of content).

36. Which customers are eligible to receive VOD service?

VOD service is available to all residential video customers.

37. Is VOD available to business customers?

No, the VOD service is available to residential video customers only.

38. What type of content is available on VOD?

VOD offers a wide range of library of content including feature films, premiers (new releases), older movies, TV series, kids/ family programming, concerts and music videos. Local and adult content is also available to customers at their convenience.

39. Is the VOD service available in High Definition (HD)?

VOD is available in High Definition (HD) or Standard Definition (SD) - dependent on availability.

40. How long will I have to watch a VOD program?

Customers have a 24 hour window to view general content and a 6 hour window for adult purchases. Customers can watch their selection as many times as they want during that period.

41. How do I pay for VOD programming?

Purchases are billed directly to your account and the associated charge will appear on your monthly bill.

42. Is there a credit limit to the amount of VOD programming I can view?

Yes, the VOD credit limit is set at BSD $100/month
Customers wishing to upgrade to a higher credit level can do so by calling in to BTC and making a request.

43. I have reached my credit limit and cannot purchase VOD programming; can I increase my credit limit?

Not at this time. You will need to make payments to your current credit limit to continue purchasing VOD programming.

44. My account has been suspended for various reasons and I have since repaid the outstanding balance. Will my VOD credit limit be reinstated?

Yes, your VOD credit limit will be reinstated.

45. How many VOD programs can I purchase?

There are no limits to the number of programs that you can purchase, once you are within your credit limit.

46. I have multiple Set Top Boxes (STBs) in my home, can I watch VOD programming on each box?

Yes, as long as you have sufficient credit limit you can access VOD programming from any STB within your household

47. Can the VOD service be blocked on a particular STB?

Yes, but only through use of the parental controls via the remote control and the menu from the Electronic Program Guide (EPG)

48. What control measures are in place to minimize unauthorized purchases?

There are two main ways to minimize unauthorized VOD purchases. We encourage you to put the necessary restrictions in place to further secure the purchases made:

  • The STB’s parental control feature, which can be accessed using menu button on the remote control. The parental control feature allows you block the appearance of certain titles from appearing on the EPG and to lock certain channels, which can be only accessed by a Parental Control Personal Identification Number (PIN).
  • The second option is a special Purchase Personal Identification Number (PIN) to complete VOD orders, which allow for the viewing of any content purchased.

Instructions on how to use parental controls and parental control PIN and purchase PIN can be found in the VOD user guide.

49. Where do I get my Parental Control PIN and Purchase PIN?

The default PIN for Parental Control and Purchase PIN is provided to you when you signed up for your service.We strongly suggest you change both PINs from the default setting as well as to change them on a regular basis. Instructions on how to change both PINs can be found in the VOD user guide.

50. I forgot my purchase PIN, how do I get a new one?

If you have forgotten your Parental and/or Purchase PIN, please contact a BTC Customer Service Representative at 225-5282 (CALL - BTC)

51. Is it possible to remove Adult content from the VOD menu?

No, not at this time.

52. What VOD program information will be displayed on my BTC invoice?

At this time, the full title of any content purchased will be displayed.

53. Can I record movies or events that I have purchased through the VOD service?

No, you can only record TV programs or series that are included as part of your subscription service. VOD is a pay-per-use services and we are unable to facilitate recordings of these programs.

54. Who do I call if I am having trouble with my VOD service?

If you are having trouble with your VOD service, please contact a BTC Customer Service Representative at 225-5282 (CALL - BTC).

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