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Caring. Everyday.

We've created several initiatives to help our communities. We believe we can cause change, bettering the lives of those around us. We believe we can create a better community for our children, and we do so by taking the time to care, everyday.

Wonderful thank you card from the kids at the Cat Island Children's Home

For more than 20 years BTC has actively supported the advancement of Bahamians through the development of several initiatives under the BTC Connection Program; a program established to offer financial sponsorship opportunities and investments into local organizations and individuals within our local communities. By focusing our philanthropic efforts in such areas as education, youth, sports, community development and arts and culture we are able to better the lives of thousands of individuals.

Corporate Sponsorship

There is no other corporate sponsor like BTC! See some of our past sponsorships, or make a request.

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Charitable Donation

As one of the largest corporate donors in The Bahamas we are proud to say we have touched many lives. Please see what we are doing in our communities, or make a formal charitable donation request.

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Need Help?

Sometimes we can all use a helping hand.