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BTC serves as a platinum sponsor at the Cancer Society Ball

Nassau, The Bahamas, June 8, 2022: BTC’s corporate philanthropy has been extended to many non-profit organizations over the years, most recently the Bahamas Cancer Society, who celebrated its 20th anniversary with a met gala ball on May 28th at the Imperial Ballroom of the Atlantis Resort.

BTC supported the Cancer Society as a Platinum sponsor of the fundraiser, and also donated several door prizes at the highly anticipated event, which was held for the first time in a face-to-face setting since 2019.

“We are so grateful to BTC because a Platinum sponsorship is a very big deal, and we thank BTC for this because they didn’t have to do it. Even with budgetary concerns for many companies, BTC still made the effort to assist us, and we are so grateful” said Marcia Johnson, Public Relations Liaison for the Cancer Society of the Bahamas.

Johnson said: “A lot of the funds donated to the Cancer Society is from Corporate Bahamas and they have been some of the largest sponsors of the ball itself. We find that when it comes to certain events, especially those with higher price tags, Corporate Bahamas tends to be that entity that we can call upon, so we are grateful to BTC and all others when it comes to their giving of donations and their time.”

BTC’s Senior Manager of Communications, Indira Collie, said that the Company remains steadfast in its commitment to providing relief for those in need where it can.

“BTC is always happy to support organizations like the Bahamas Cancer society, whose work is evident every single day as they respond to the needs of so many from all over the country. We are happy to lend a hand for the greater good of so many,” Collie said.

This year’s Cancer Society ball was held under the theme, Met Gala: Escape Masquerade Ball. The highly charged event offered many door prizes and recognized several committee members and persons would have offered generous donations to the Society.

The proceeds from the Cancer Society ball are used to assist with ongoing initiatives and to help those who are receiving cancer treatment.


Indira Collie
Senior Manager, Public Relations
O: 302-7573 M: 424-2406


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