BTC Bahamas | Bahamas | BTC Bahamas incorporates “unlimited WhatsApp full” into prepaid plans

BTC incorporates “unlimited WhatsApp full” into prepaid plans

Also introduces unlimited features to its combo plans

Nassau, The Bahamas, June 22, 2022: Customers have been asking and The Bahamas Telecommunications Company (BTC) has delivered! Since June 1, prepaid customers were able to take advantage of unlimited WhatsApp services without having to tap into their data. This includes unlimited WhatApp chat, videos, calls, and sharing, dubbed “Unlimited WhatsApp Full”.

Having asked its customers to choose one extra benefit of its current prepaid package, unlimited data for all WhatsApp features was tops, followed by rollover data. BTC, therefore, ensured that its prepaid customers were able to have full access to a messaging platform that is used by more than two billion people in over 180 countries.

WhatsApp is used to share videos and pictures and make free internet-based calls and text, and it’s a free service that everyone in The Bahamas who has a smartphone simply can’t live without. BTC has therefore upgraded its $12, $15, $20, and $39 prepaid combo plans to include the “Unlimited WhatsApp Full” features.

These upgrades are now permanent features, and as of June 1, existing prepaid plans were revamped to include new additions.

“Everyone you know has smartphone and if they have a smartphone, they are using WhatsApp, so we thought why not make WhatsApp free in all of our supersize combos,” says Shena Bowleg, BTC’s Mobile Product Development Manager. “So, our $12, $15, $20, and $39 combo plans now have WhatsApp Full. This means unlimited calls, texts, and picture sharing that does not use your data, so you can use WhatsApp and save your data for other things.”

Bowleg continued: “For instance, if you buy a 7-day plan and on the fourth day the 2GB of data that comes with that plan is gone, you can still make WhatsApp calls, you can text, you can share videos, and you can share pictures for the next three days. Nobody gives you this feature, only BTC.”

In addition to unlimited WhatsApp, prepaid combo plans now include rollover data.

“The data rolls over if you don’t use it, and if you buy another plan before the plan expires, you have the data from the last plan, so you have no restrictions,” Bowleg explains. “No more worries about how many calls you’ve made to your friends on another network because you are covered! When we say connected limitless, we mean just that at BTC.”

BTC has also decided to adjust its free data allotment for YouTube, having realized that its customers were finding it difficult to track their free usage of this service. The YouTube allotment in all prepaid combo plans has been adjusted from 1 hour to 500 MB of free data.

Also, with the reduction of VAT to 10%, BTC’s vat-inclusive prices for prepaid combo plans now feature rounded base prices that reflect an actual reduction, and plans that add more value for money.

BTC’s upgraded prepaid combo plans include:

The $12 seven-day combo plan: 2GB of data, unlimited BTC to BTC minutes, 500 US and Canada minutes, 500MB of free data for your YouTube, unlimited WhatsApp Full Facebook messages, and unlimited SMS.

The $15 seven-day combo plan: 3GB of data, unlimited anywhere local+USA+Canada minutes, 500MB of free data for YouTube, Unlimited WhatApp Full messages, Facebook messages, and unlimited SMS.

The $20 10-day combo plan: 6GB of data, unlimited anywhere local + USA & Canada minutes, 500MB of free data for YouTube, unlimited WhatsApp Full and unlimited Facebook messages, and unlimited SMS.

The $39 30-day combo: 4GB of data, unlimited anywhere local + USA & Canada, 500MB of free data for your YouTube, unlimited WhatsApp Full and Facebook messages, and Unlimited SMS. All combo plans can be purchased via USSD (*200#), Emida, and the TopUp BTC App.

The overall customer benefit of these plans includes having the lowest cost per minute anywhere locally, in the US & Canada; as well as data, SMS, unlimited social media chat, rollover data, and free data for YouTube.

“We are confident that our customers will immediately see the benefit in all of our revamped combo plans that give them a limitless experience with WhatsApp calls, texts, video, and picture sharing,” Bowleg says. “They now have the freedom to enjoy it at their leisure because it no longer uses the data that comes with their plan. They won't get this kind of amazing deal anywhere else, only at BTC!”


Indira Collie
Senior Manager, Public Relations
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