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Acceptable Usage Policy

Mobile Services

1. Introduction

BTC is fully committed to ensuring that customers receive optimum usage and enjoyment of the services it offers. To this end, this policy applies to our mobile telephony, mobile internet, voice and data over wireless services and such other Services that We might add in the future (“Services”). BTC has designed this Acceptable Usage Policy ("AUP") to help achieve these goals and offer Our customers fast and reliable services within the scope of Our product offering. We manage our shared network resources to determine excessive, unreasonable or fraudulent use which may impact the reliable operation of our network and/or the quality of our Services.

In this document, the terms "We", "Us" and "Our" make reference to BTC. The terms "You", "Your" or "Customer" make reference to the Customer with whom we have made an agreement to provide products and/or services, and include any person that You have authorized in writing to be acting with your authority or on Your behalf.

By using Our Services, You agree to comply with this AUP and remain responsible to comply with it. We may change or modify this AUP at any time and will post such changes on Our website We will give You thirty (30) days’ notice of such changes. You acknowledge and agree that Your use of Our services following any posted changes to the AUP indicate Your acceptance of such changes.

2. Misuse of Services or Device

The Services are intended for person to person use only and this AUP does not apply to any of BTC’s business or commercial offerings. The Services are not to be used for:

  1. operating a business, even if operating from your residence, unless you are working from home temporarily or you are a sole trader;
  2. resale of any service from Our network or resale of the Services;
  3. operating a call center;
  4. for bridging calls;
  5. auto-dialing or fax/voice blasts;
  6. telemarketing;
  7. make hoax or nuisance calls;
  8. voice services other than person to person voice communication;
  9. damaging other customers’ ability to use the phone services or harms Our operations.

We reserve the right to take measures to protect the quality of Our Services, in the event Your use of Our Services or network, in the context of this AUP, surpasses a pre-established level at which it may begin to affect Our Services to other users, these protective measures may include overage charges and ultimately disconnection. For the avoidance of doubt, if You exceed the usage associated with Our relevant package/plan, we will not be liable to You for the quality, integrity or continuation of Our Service.

In plain terms unlimited local calling means there are no limits on the volumes of calls.  However, to avoid congestion on Our network Your usage should not be abnormal and should not exceed 3000 minutes per month. If You have a plan with a fixed number of off-net (long distance) minutes and You exceed the plan, We will charge You at Our overage rates.

For the purposes of this AUP, unlimited means the following for each category of Service:

  • voice usage will be 3000;
  • data usage will be 150GB; and
  • SMS will be 3000.

For the purposes of this AUP, the overage price per data allowance is as follows:

Data AllowanceOverage Price per 1GB
1GB$0.005 per MB
2GB$0.005 per MB
3GB$0.005 per MB
4GB$0.005 per MB
5GB$0.005 per MB

3. Prohibited Activities

This AUP is governed by the Laws of The Bahamas. In using the Services You should not commit any acts that are illegal or offend Bahamian law or anything that may be seen as offensive by members of the public. This includes:

  1. Illegal Activities - assisting and promoting illegal activities, such as terrorism, fraud, pyramid schemes, human trafficking, child pornography or those threating violence;
  2. Violations of Intellectual Property Rights
  3. Threatening Material or Content - making offensive, libelous, obscene, misleading or menacing comments;
  4. Inappropriate interactions with Minors;
  5. Spam, Electronic Message and Usenet Abuse;
  6. To interfere, gain unauthorized access or violate the security of network users, network hosts or network equipment, or to gain unauthorized access to any public or private network.

4. Customer Responsibilities

You understand and agree that all Services are to be used for the purpose(s) for which they are contracted or sold. You understand and agree that all content available through the Internet is the sole responsibility of the person from whom such content originated. We are unable to exercise control over the content of the information passing over Our network, and therefore are excluded from all liability of any kind for the transmission or reception of infringing information regardless of its nature. You are responsible for all of Your end users who You permit to access Our service.

5. Enforcement

This AUP is considered part of Our Terms and Conditions. You acknowledge that BTC shall have the right to refuse or remove any content that violates the law, regulation or this AUP. A breach of this AUP will be considered a breach of the terms and conditions governing the services acquired from BTC. If You fail to comply with it, We may choose to deny, suspend, modify or terminate the service accordingly, With or without prior notice.

It is not Our policy to monitor or control communications. However, if We become aware of a violation of the AUP, We may block or filter sites, and cooperate with and notify the appropriate authorities. If You violate this AUP, You will be required to cover all expenses which are reasonably incurred as a result of the violation.

6. Incident Reporting

You may submit any complaints regarding violation of this AUP by completing a Complaint form found on our website, in store, or email to


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