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Upgrade Bahamas

This campaign highlights the ongoing extensive upgrades being made by BTC. These upgrades will deliver many benefits, and bring new communication opportunities to our customers. Our key pilars are:

  • Faster 4G LTE Speeds

  • Better, more affordable Internet

  • Incredible television experience

  • Superior customer experience

Stay tuned in to see all the upgrades as they start, the phases we are at, and when they are completed!

Upgrade Bahamas Press Conference

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The BTC TV Show

Watch the first episode of the BTC TV SHOW right here:

Mobile Upgrades

Over the past several months BTC has been working aggressively to address mobile coverage and capacity issues.

Today, customers in New Providence are able to feel improvements and should be experiencing an Upgraded network with less dropped calls, and better call quality.

Over the last few weeks, the team has erected a number of cell sites across the islands. To date, 3 new towers have been turned on in the following areas:

  • R.M. Bailey

  • Quarry Mission

There are an additional 15 sites to come on stream in New Providence and an additional 6 across the Family Islands.

A mobile tower went itno the air in Westridge November 27th. This tower will address dropped calls some of our customers have experienced, while on the way, or returning from the airport.

We took a photo of the tower this morning, and caught some of our engineers working. Shouts out to Olrick Sweeting, David Johnson, Terrance Wallace, Trevor Stubbs and Earl Thurston!

To date, we have added new sites at the Carmichael Road Police Station, The Defence Force Base, Quarry Mission Park, R.M. Bailey Park, Farrington Road and Kennedy Subdivision.


 Customer Experience

Around the Bahamas we have been upgrading our retail store experience for our customers. See our most recent upgrades below:

 Spanish Wells gets a Retail Upgrade with New store

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New Retail Store opens in Habour Island

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BTC Launches New Long Island Flagship Store

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