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BTC store for Harbour Island is Number Twenty-Eight of Sixty-One



Underlining their commitment to open sixty-one BTC retail stores throughout the islands of The Bahamas before 2016, residents of Harbour Island and neighbouring settlements celebrated the opening of the twenty-eighth BTC ‘Best In Class’ Experience store on the North Eleuthera island. CEO Leon Williams, local Member of Parliament Theo Neilly, Senior Administrator for Harbour Island, Jolton Johnson and Patricia Walters, BTC Senior Vice President, Customer Services each brought remarks.

“I’m interested in how BTC can benefit Bahamians in this country. I’m interested in how BTC in the economy of Harbour Island can cause this economy to grow, how BTC can change the level of income, how they can participate in the wider community

“I’m interested in ensuring the Bahamian student in Inagua has the same access to the internet at the same high speeds as the students in Nassau.  I am the CEO of BTC Bahamas not BTC Nassau and as an island boy from Grand Bahama I appreciate the need to treat each island just as importantly as the next.”

“Over the next two months we will further improve the network and start IP TV testing for television services. It is expected that initial testing will start in the Family Islands and hopefully, by mid-2015 we’ll have BTC IP TV in many parts of the country.”

Patricia Walters, Senior Vice President Customer Services explained that when she was given the business responsibility for Eleuthera and Cat Island nine months ago she researched her territory by travelling the length and breadth of the island, noting the need to upgrade the existing stores on Deadman’s Cay, Harbour Island, Alice Town in Bimini and Spanish Wells. 

“So I’m very pleased to be here today and see this beautiful new store opening on Harbour Island. We’ve just opened one on Deadman’s Cay, Long Island and later this month we’ll open our newly upgraded Spanish Wells store.”

“Investing in stores like the one you’ll see shortly, is really a testament to the bedrock of BTC's commitment to serve the people of the Bahamas regardless of where they live, not just Nassau. We started the journey two and half years ago and we’ve refurbished and rolled out twenty-eight state of the art stores and we intend to have sixty-one in the next few months.  We continue to transform former bill pay stations into a great retail experience of telecommunications. These stores represent the essence of the Bahamas - colorful, vibrant, diverse and friendly.  I’m sure you’ll enjoy browsing and shopping with us, especially today as we have some very good deals to mark this special occasion. Rest assured, you have exactly the same fabulous products and services as we do in Nassau, all from the convenience of a location right within in your very own neighborhood.” 

“We thank you for the infusion that you have put into the local economy here and in Spanish Wells, I would like you to continue to do it and not forget the mainland of N Eleuthera.

Local MP Theo Neilly said he was delighted to be here at an historic moment on historic Harbour Island and he thanked BTC CEO for the information about the company.

“We are thankful to him for the BTC store re-launch here on our historic Harbour Island home of friendly people and pink sand beaches. I am excited to learn that the parts of North Eleuthera without telecommunications services will shortly have them, including at some point, television service.”  

Senior Manager of Public Relations, Jerome Sawyer, who was the event MC said that this was the second of four planned roll outs for BTC retail stores this month of October. The first being Long Island and two more planned for Spanish Wells and Bimini. 

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