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BTC Introduces 'Always On' For Postpaid Customers


Two weeks following the introduction of its historic VAT inclusive ‘Always On’ prepaid plan, BTC is once again asserting its mobile leadership position by introducing the postpaid version of the ‘Always On’ customer value proposition with a completely upgraded suite of offers.

CEO, Garry Sinclair said, “Today we’re responding to our customers’ needs by introducing a value packed ‘Always On’ postpaid mobile plan. Our customers told us that they did not want to be tied to a contract. They asked us for more simplified offers and they told us that they need more data and voice along with some roaming options added to their plans at one flat rate. A major component of our philosophy is to find a better way to do everything that we do, and we’ve done just that by completely changing our approach to postpaid. We’ve added everything they’ve asked for and then some.”

Starting today, we are introducing no term contracts. Also, all postpaid customers will automatically have anywhere local minutes added to their plans. Starting with our $59.99 right up to our $139.99 plans, all customers will receive unlimited anywhere local calls. This will enable our customers to call any local network at anytime from anywhere in The Bahamas.

Additionally, customers with the $59.99, $99.99 and $139.99 postpaid plans now have the option to exponentially increase the value of their package by spending an additional $10 per month. Customers with a $59.99 plan will receive triple the amount of data (18GB), unlimited anywhere local minutes and texts, 300 international minutes and 200 roaming voice minutes to the US, Canada and the Caribbean.

Customers on the $99.99 plan will receive 30GB of data, unlimited anywhere local minutes and texts, 1000 international minutes and 300 roaming voice minutes to the US, Canada and the Caribbean.

Current $139.99 customers can go totally unlimited with a bolt-on upgrade. With the upgrade, this plan includes unlimited data, unlimited anywhere local minutes and texts, 1000 roaming voice minutes to the US, Canada and the Caribbean.

“Not only have we increased the value of our plans, but we are also reminding our customers that they are automatically eligible for a free device every year, with a contract or an upgraded plan. Always On postpaid customers are also eligible for device discounts,” Sinclair continued. 

Customers with the grandfathered $19.99 and $29.99 plans also have more value added with a $10 bolt on. Those with the $19.99 plan now have 3GB of data, 500 anywhere local minutes and texts, plus 70 minutes of calls to the US and Canada. Current $29.99 customers get 9GB of data, 1000 minutes to the United States and Canada, plus 150 minutes to call the US and Canada.

To add a bolt-on, customers can send us an email at, call us at 225-5282, send us a private message on our social media channels or visit any of our local stores nationwide.  

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