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BTC Celebrates Thanksgiving With Retirees


BTC’s iVolunteers kicked off the company’s annual season of giving on Thursday, delivering gourmet Thanksgiving meals to some of its retirees. In Grand Bahama, our team of iVolunteers partnered with the Bahamas Red Cross to provide hot meals for the elderly at Robertha’s Home for the Aged and Burrows Home for the Aged.

Senior Manager for Public Relations, Indira Collie said, “Our iVolunteers were again happy for the opportunity to create a special moment for our retirees who have paved the way for this organization over the years. This is the third year that our iVolunteers have delivered hot meals to the homes of our retirees on Thanksgiving Day. We were also grateful to continue to partner with the Red Cross and to support their efforts in Grand Bahama.”

Through this initiative, BTC provided over 100 hot meals on Thanksgiving Day.

41year veteran and BTC retired Engineer Roscow Davies along with Shirley Sweeting, Ulean Clarke and Kevin Davies.

Former team member at our Poinciana Location, Ms. Elizabeth Rubins. Also in the photo are Kevin Davies, Ulean Clarke and Shirley Sweeting

BTC Retiree Florinda Bastian along with Kevin Davies, Ulean Clarke and Shirley Sweeting. Ms. Bastian spent 35 years at BTC and was part of our Overseas Department

BTC Retiree Erona Woodside from our Overseas Department. Ms. Woodside was an employee for 33 years. Also in the photo are Shirley Sweeting, Kevin Davies and Ulean Clarke

BTC iVolunteers Daphne McKinney and Trevor Turnquest deliver hot meals in the Grand Bahama community

In Grand Bahama, BTC iVolunteers partnered with the Bahamas Red Cross to deliver hot Thanksgiving Meals to senior and shut-in persons in the community

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