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Business Data

BTC's Business Data solution provides local, regional and global data services that are fast, secure, scalable and flexible, routing traffic around failures, congestions and bottlenecks. Utilizing Multi-protocol Label Switching (MPLS), our network-based Virtual Private Networks (VPNs), offer globally consistent access to corporate information inside the office, as well as to mobile and remote workers, regardless of device.

Customers have the ability to prioritize their traffic using classes of service. This service is ideal for large customers looking to manage their data network themselves, yet is seeking a low-cost transport alternative to leased lines. To interconnect multiple sites, our Data backbone enables any site to connect to any other site without provisioning direct connections. This service is fast, reliable and very scalable while allowing the customer to maintain control of the traffic being passed.

The most common deployment of Business Data service are Layer 3 VPNs, otherwise known as IP-VPNs or Virtual Private Routed Networks (VPRN). The VPNs are ideal for connecting small or medium business and branch offices to private intranets or the public Internet, as well as for larger organizations that prefer to outsource network operations to BTC.

Business Data services are provided on top of a regional network that has a point-of-presence in all the Caribbean islands where LIME operates. The network also extends to Trinidad and Tobago in the South and Miami and New York in the north, ensuring that all customer location can be reached.

Buisness Data Key Features and Benefits:

  • Multiple services via a single fiber connection.
  • High-speed bandwidth speeds in excess of 500 Mbts.
  • Priorities traffic by routing bandwidth via Classes of Service (CoS).
  • Service Level Agreement.
  • 24-hours support.
  • Secure connection: IP Tunnelling, firewall and encryption technologies.
  • Customer premises Equipment (CPE) provided and managed as part of the servicing offering.
  • Monthly reports available.
  • Integrates seamless with legacy investments like Frame Relay.
  • Circumvent failed links and nodes within 50 milliseconds.
  • End-to-end bandwidth reservation.
  • Voice, video and data via the same connection.
  • Integrate sites connected via different technologies: frame relay, Ethernet etc.
  • Your business is operational immediately after a disaster.
  • Can save money by integrating voice, video, and data on a common network.
  • Allows for future changes and growth.

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